Laterite ridge is establishing a 30 ha olive grove of both oil and table olive varieties, planted on the traditional 10 metre by 10 metre pattern allowing for pasture and crop development within the grove.

For example crops of the legume lupins and lucerne are grown between the rows and provide the green fertilizer and mulch to feed and protect the growing trees as well as keeping weeds down.

There are 3000 olive trees planted; 1000 in 2007 and 2000 in 2008. Varieties include Hardy Mammoth, UC13A6, Kalamata, Manzanillo, Arbequena, Frantoio, Barnea and Leccino. The trees planted in 2007 included 400 larger trees which will commence producing in 2010 and the remaining trees will start bearing in 2011.

Careful monitoring of the soil health is undertaken and balance is restored with natural minerals and trace elements which takes longer but produces a better balanced result with out the adverse impact on the environment of chemical fertilizers. Fertile well mineralised soils encourage growth of healthy trees and suppress weeds avoiding the need for herbicides.

The property consists is 450 acres and retains 150 acres of natural bush as part of the habitat. The property had previously been farmed for wheat and cereals and sheep grazing. The property is in the process of being changed over to a chemical free farming regime with the establishment of the olive groves and specialist hardwood timber plantations.